Geekvape 521 Master Kit


Geekvape comprehensive master kit with 521 tab inside

This 521 master kit size is 230mm*180mm*47mm.  Everything in kind prevail.

Name Material Package
521 tab Aluminium 1 PC
Ceramic Tip Tweezer Ceramic & Stainless steel 1 PC
Elbow Tip Tweezer Stainless steel 1 PC
Nipper pliers Stainless steel 1 PC
Diagonal pliers 55 Ti 1 PC
Folding scissors Stainless steel & Bio-plastic 1 PC
Coil Jig set Stainless steel 5*Bars, 8 Coiling poles & 4 screwdriver heads

521 Tab

Product Geekvape 521 tab
Size 93.6mm*75.4mm*24.7mm
Input Voltage 2.7-4.2V
Output Voltage 1.8-4.2V
Currents 5-14uA
Burning Protection 14.5-15.5S
Output Wattage 31-33W
Measure range 0.01-9.9 ohm
Lowest fire resistance 0.1 ohm

Coil jig set

Prudct Geekvape 521 tab
Material Stainless Iron + Nickelage
Size 93.6mm*75.4mm*24.7mm
Package 5*Ciol jigs+8*Winding rods+4*Screwdrivers
Winding rod Diameter Ø1.5*70mm, Ø2*70mm, Ø2.25*70mm, Ø2.5*70mm, Ø2.75*70mm, Ø3*70mm, Ø3.5*70mm, Ø4*70mm

Ceramic Tweezers, Scissors and Pliers

521 master kit ceramic tweezer
521 master kit pliers